Castaway Caye

One phrase: WORTH IT!

At first glance from the ship I was just excited to be on an island. But as we disembarked and got further onto the island , I noticed that as special as Disney makes it’s theme parks, hotels and ships this was not going to be any different.

Upon disembarkation you have two options, walk down to the beach or wait for the trams. There are multiple trams that will take you to the 2 family beaches and 1 tram that will take you from the family beach towards the Adults only section of the island. To clarify you must take the trams to the family beaches in order to get to the adults only side.

The tour said that bottled water and sodas would be provided, they were not. Bring a water bottle for the walking portion. You do get to stop at a few water stations along the walk, but there are only paper coned cups for use. These are not my favorite. I feel like a toddler whenever I drink out of them. Typically because I always end up wearing whatever I’m drinking. I digress ….

The walk was very informative. Our guides told us what island life is really like. The types of tress and their uses or non-uses. They went over some of the birds that are typical in this area and their calls. Our group was small again, around 12 or so, which allowed us to freely ask questions which was encouraged.

We walked about 2 miles down to our ‘put in spot’ for the kayaks. I wish I could’ve gotten photos here, but I used the locker to place my camera and extra belongings (which I’m glad I did because I was in the ocean a little while after that).  The tide was out, so the water was only about 1-2 feet deep in most spots. Our kayaks were more like paddle boards. Eric apparently does not have a good center of balance, so after 3 times of me being dumped into the ocean our wonderful tour guides got us a larger kayak and I got to jump into the kayak with our guide leader and off we went through the Mangroves towards our other tour-mates. We found dozens of fish, starfish and conks. Our guide told us about the fragile eco system in the Bahamas and how settlers made these islands home.

Eric got another most personalized tour … He couldn’t quite get the hang of these kayaks, so he paddled around with the second tour guide and got his own private tour a bit closer to shore.

After our kayak tour was complete, the walk back to the adults only side of the island was pretty fast. There really was not as much direction heading back. We really just walked down the paved bike path that the private cabanas are on. The rest of the group went ahead of us and Eric and I just kind of wandered. It was really relaxing. By the time we made it back to the group they were disbanding and heading to lunch.

Lunch on the island is a BBQ. It smelled delicious the closer and closer we made it to the restaurants. Lunch is served buffet style at 3 different locations on the island, so it broke up the amount of people. We had chicken sandwiches, hamburgers, ribs and quite a few sides to choose from. I’m not sure if it was because we really worked up an appetite from our adventure, but everything was delicious. After lunch we wee pretty wiped out, and we wanted to go get some cash to tip our guides who went above and beyond, so we made our way back to the ship to change into some clean clothes and get our cash.

We didn’t end up laying out on the island, instead we went back and sat on our balcony and watched the parasailers out on the ocean. I didn’t realize that we could schedule more than 1 activity, but I will certainly do this next time should we be up for it.

This stop really solidified the 3 day cruise experience for me. What a way to recharge. I don’t know about you, but my weekends just seem to fly by in a bit of a whirlwind. So to have 3 days uninterrupted with my husband was a wonderful change of pace. Even though we were heading to the parks afterward, we went recharged. As we are planning our next Disney cruise and Disney World Vacation we are flipping the order and doing the parks first. I have no doubt that we will still leave here just a recharged and ready for “real life” and “adulting”.

I think that really is the Disney magic.

No matter the Disney experience, Disney takes us back to a simpler time and place. That is if you let them. You just have to be willing to let it take over. This is why I love Disney vacations.


Source: Big Kids at heart Travel Blog
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