With this being the third week in a row that a high number of Hydrogen Sulfide Exceedances are being reported by the county. Section 11 Wastewater Treatment Plant has been a thorn in the side of residents that surround the area for some time. 2018 has been particularly bad with consistent exceedances being reported by the county for the majority of the year.

The last three weeks have been particularly bad with exceedances ballooning from a hand full per week to dozens.

Pinal County is reporting that 46 instances of high levels of Hydrogen Sulfide have taken place over six different days. 30 exceedances took place between August 16th and August 17th.

The county has issued notices of violations regarding the plant.

The fight to place EPCOR in as Interim Manager is still underway as the utility continues to be uncooperative and legally challenging the efforts with a court hearing taking place last week in Florence and a two day ACC hearing taking place on August 24 and August 27. The outcome of the ACC hearing is still underway.

Meanwhile, residents are left to endure ongoing high levels of hydrogen sulfide at their homes with no way to avoid the problem.