That’s Right, We’re Going Super Cute With This Weeks Pet Rescues! 

Pinal Animal Control And Rescue are still overloaded. So, we’re playing dirty to get you all motivated to rescue a new buddy; we’re using nothing but puppies and kittens for this weeks rescue column. 

Let’s get this rolling with a trio of puppy sisters. Sure, you might be able to fight off the cuteness of one puppy. Maybe even two, but three? Even the coldest hearts out there will melt when you are attacked by a trio of cuteness. 

Name of dogs: 

No Names Provided 

(We’re going with Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup.. what? Oh, like you haven’t watched the Powerpuff Girls late night on the Cartoon Network!) 

ID Numbers: 

A205816, A205817, A205818 

These three cuties were found on Early Rd in Casa Grande and brought into the shelter. How sad is that? For the most part, Early Road is rural and farmland and they were found just walking the area. They are all females black and white Lab mixes. We’re not saying you need to adopt all three, but, I mean, good luck resisting those cute faces when you get to the shelter. Seriously, though, look at those faces! 


Name of Kitten: 

No Name Provided 

(We’re going with Yakko, since we grew up on the Animaniacs cartoon as kids) 

ID Number: None provided 

Arizona Animal Welfare League rescued this little fella and nine of its teeny kitten friends! They are way too little to be adopted and they need to go live in a foster’s home until they are old enough to spay/neuter and then go to AAWL’s adoption center in Phoenix. Contact Pinal Animal Care and Control if you are interested in becoming a foster home for rescued pets! 

Name of Kitten: 

No Name Provided 

(We’re going with Pinky… we watched a lot of cartoons when we were kids.)

ID Number: A205516 

A male, black Domestic Shorthair. The shelter staff think he is about 14 weeks old. The little guy does not seem to be amused with his current living location, so, do him a solid and get him a cozy pad of his own. 

Pinal County Animal Control

1150 S Eleven Mile Corner 

Casa Grande, AZ 85194 

Office: 520.509.3555