A Pair Of Second Step Curriculum Puppets

By Sue Kruse, Principal-  Ranch Elementary

Puppy and Snail, a pair of Second Step Curriculum puppets have been visiting Ranch Elementary in kindergarten and first-grade classrooms. The Second Step program is a research-based, best practice program that teaches and encourages positive interactions, problem-solving, and conflict resolution. Students have the opportunity to teach Puppy and Snail appropriate behaviors in the classroom, the hallways, and on the playground. 

Sometimes, the puppets even come to the lunchroom. The students are so invested in the puppets and what they are learning, they will stop Ms. McRae, the school social worker and ask her where Puppy and Snail are, what they did for spring break, or when can they come out to play. A big hit was the day each student was able to hold Puppy or Snail and slide down the slide with them. This week, Puppy learned about how to control his behaviors and “think before he acts.”