A few more road work projects are taking place than there have been in the last few weeks. Commuters should note that two road projects begin this week. Queen Creek Road project is taking place on December 3rd and 4th. The Crimson Road project begins on December 2nd and runs through next Monday.

Queen Creek Area Roadway Restrictions:

  1. Meridian Rd SB lane shift at Via Del Jardin for utility work.
    Jun. 15 – Dec. 31;
  2. Ellsworth Rd NB and SB lane shift between Riggs Rd and Mewes Rd for boring.
    Nov. 19 – Dec. 06;
  3. Signal Butte Rd NB shoulder work between Appleby Rd and Ocotillo Rd for curb, gutter and sidewalk work.
    Nov. 20 – Dec. 20;
  4. Ocotillo Rd WB lane shift between Prince Ave and 214th Pl for utility work.
    Nov. 23 – Dec. 13;
    8:30 am– 2:30 pm
  5. Hunt Hwy WB shoulder work between Mandarin Dr and 187th St for paving and tree removal.
    Nov. 25 – Dec. 09;
  6. Queen Creek Rd EB and WB lane shift at Signal Butte Rd for water line install.
    8 pm – 5 am
    Dec. 04;
    8:30am – 2:30 pm
  7. Crismon Rd NB lane shift at Queen creek Rd for driveway install.
    Dec. 02 – Dec. 09;