Queen Creek Area Roadway Restrictions:

  1. Meridian Rd SB lane shift at Via Del Jardin for utility work. Jun. 15 – Dec. 31; 24-hour.
  2. Ellsworth Rd NB & SB periodic lane shifts between Walnut and Ryan for utility and shoulder/median work. Aug. 5 – Aug. 21; 8:30 am – 2:30 pm.
  3. Cloud Rd Full Closure from Cloud Creek Trail to Rittenhouse (except for local traffic) for utility work. Aug. 5 – Oct. 1; 24-hour.
  4. Ocotillo Rd WB and EB lane shift at Victoria lane and Victoria Lane NB shoulder work at Ocotillo Rd all for repairing/ installing sidewalks, driveway aprons and paving. Aug. 07 – Aug. 23; 24-hour
  5. Signal Butte Rd NB and SB lane shift between Ocotillo Rd and Escalante St for utility work. Aug. 21 – Sept. 06; 8:30 am – 2:30 pm
  6. Queen Creek Rd EB and WB lane shift between Ellsworth Rd and 212th St for milling, subgrade, and paving work. Aug. 12 – Oct. 04; 24-hour
  7. Queen Creek Rd WB shoulder work at Signal Butte Rd for sewer line repair. Aug. 12 – Aug. 23; 24-hour
  8. Village Loop Rd N EB and WB lane shift between Rittenhouse Rd and 215th Way for water and sewer tie-in. Aug. 19 – Sep. 06; 24-hour
  9. Ellsworth Rd SB lane shift at Ocotillo Rd for manhole work. Aug. 19; 7 pm – 5 am
  10. Crismon Rd Full Closure between Queen Creek Rd and Germann Rd for warranty work to repair settling pavement. Aug. 19; 5 am – 2 pm