The Queen Creek Town Council has voted unanimously to instruct the town attorney to file a lawsuit challenging the filing of the petition for the incorporation of San Tan Valley.

Councilmen Jeff Hoffman explained that he “loathes having to make this decision” but with that said would be voting in support of the lawsuit.

“We all stand in support of self determination for San tan Valley and believe that they have the right to create their own destiny.”

“There are individuals within that area that have said that they want self determination, they just might like another option, or want another choice.”

“If I am going stand for self determination at large,  I must also stand strong for the small minority that wants to self determine somewhere else.”

There was no public comment time during this meeting, and very little conversation at all between council members outside of the executive session.

As more information about the suit becomes available we will share it here.

If you would like to watch the meeting you can find it here click on the April 12, 2018 video and skip all the way to the 34 minute mark and you will see everything, the whole 4 minutes!