What Are The Options For San Tan Valley

RECon, to clarify, is the world’s largest global gathering of retail real estate professionals. San Tan Times and the San Tan Valley Chamber of Commerce was there on behalf of the county to begin the development process of economic growth within the San Tan Valley area.

Before the convention we met up with county officials to game plan what the county would hope to see within the area, along with San Tan Times reaching out to the community to see what residents were looking for.

In this particular case, the county and the residents were very much on the same page.

The consensus from the county and the residents were to investigate the possibility of sit-down dining, home improvement stores, hotels, movie theater, entertainment (such as bowling, Main Event, Top Golf, etc), additional grocery options (like Trader Joes), and retail (such as Hobby Lobby, Family Dollar, etc).

After three days of walking 15+ miles a day across three massive convention centers we spoke with every available business, franchise, hotel chain, and developer that we could find. 

The first thing we need to understand when it comes to economic development is that each business has statistics and measurements that they look for in an area and a community to gauge the possible opportunities in the area. When it comes to San Tan Valley we have a lot of positives, but a lot of challenges when it comes to supporting the statistics and analytics that businesses are looking for within the area. The the right developer needs to be brought in that is looking to work within this area. Those developers need a plan that makes sense which will provide the repetitive foot traffic needed to sustain a shopping area. Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as “let’s get a Hobby Lobby!”

Even with these challenges, there are solutions and opportunities coming our way. But, these projects will take time.

Over the course of the next several weeks we will be highlighting specific industries or needs that local residents have mentioned that they would like to see. We will talk about the challenges and possibilities of each segment.

In this issue, starting on page 9, we dive into the hotel segment which is a perfect example of the challenges and solutions for the San Tan Valley area.

Future articles will talk about specific industries and wider developments, such as outlet malls, while also providing updates on additional follow-up conversations that have been made with businesses and territory representatives about the San Tan Valley area.

The great thing is that the San Tan Valley area now has a great group of people that are actively representing and working towards residents needs. Something that has not been done previously. We are excited to be a part of it! A little tired from the 45+ miles of walking, though.