At 11.22 PM on December 19th Representative David Cook was pulled over for suspected DUI. At 12:20 Cook was under arrest for driving under the influence. At 1:28 AM Representative Cook’s BAC results were .158. Which is categorized as an “Extreme DUI.”

Cook, the following day, issued a statement on Facebook:

“No lunch, no dinner, and some drinks with friends sounds harmless enough, but get behind the wheel and try to drive home and you’re taking a chance you just shouldn’t take.”

This creates some questions. Mr. Cook is listed at 6’ and 240 lbs. In order to have a  blood alcohol level of .158, he would need to consume 10-12 drinks.

(source: and

At 0.15% and above, this BAC is very high. You will have much less control over your balance and voluntary muscles, so walking and talking are difficult. You may fall and hurt yourself. Vomiting may begin. (source:

At a .16% BAC, Cooks was just short of that at .158%, death is possible. Source:

This seems to contradict Cooks statement of “some drinks.” 

Cook continues with his apology:

“I didn’t request or receive any sort of special treatment as a result of holding office, as it should be.”

At approximately 11:22 PM when Representative Cook was pulled over the officer asked Mr. Cook to provide him with his insurance, registration, and license. Cook proceeded to hand the officer his insurance and registration followed by his Arizona House of Representatives Identification Card.

When asked by the officer to step out of the vehicle, Cook responded with “Do you know what you’re doing, son? You’re making a mistake.”

At approximately 1:05 AM, while an officer was assisting Cook out of the patrol vehicle, Cook state “I’m fine, don’t worry, you’ll get yours.”

When Cook was later served an order of suspension of his driving privileges before his release at 3:17 AM Cook responded: “It’s fine, my wife works at the MVD.”

Individually, those may not mean much, but collectively, all during the same incident, it appears that Cook’s apology may not be entirely accurate of how the events took place.

We all make mistakes. How we handle being caught making mistakes and how we react after the mistake says a lot about who we are.