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By Pinal County Animal Care and Control

Animal Care And Control Picks of the Week

Big Sister (A211151) 

“I am head over heels for this sweet baby bear cub. She is absolutely terrified in the kennel and outside. She let me enter the kennel to leash her up, but was frozen in place once we started passing all the dogs on the way outside. I took her into one of the enclosures and she sat in the corner against the fence and laid down shaking. She let me approach and pet her—she didn’t get aggressive at all—but she didn’t come closer or smell me at all. Eventually I got her to go for a walk outside and she started to loosen up. She flopped into some plants to lay down, but she did ultimately follow my prompts to walk more. By the end of the walk she was getting some smells and was slightly more inquisitive. She went back into the kennel easily and snuggled in with her kennel-mate.”

Daiquiri (A203612) 

“Daiquiri was such a delight!! She was very well tempered and very well mannered. She didn’t pull on the leash at all and just wanted to cruise and explore. She was easy to get in and out of the kennel and didn’t react to the other dogs going wild when she walked by.”

If you’d like to meet either of these sweet dogs, come down to the shelter or give us a call at 520-509-3555

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