Local residents in San Tan Heights are growing frustrated with a lack of answers from an unfortunate incident.

Recently residents discovered that the sheriff’s department had to kick the door in on a welfare check on November 6th. They found the neighbor deceased on the sofa with the residents reporting that PCSO estimated that the neighbor had passed at least three weeks prior to discovery.

As unfortunate as that is, neighbors are now stuck with a home that is in need of being attended to and they have no way of finding a solution. A growing fly problem and a strong odor is causing residents to be concerned with a potential health issue.

Neighbor, Stacy Davies, notified the San Tan Times that the coroner removed the body only, and the spoiled food and sofa were shut back up in the house. 

“Pinal County environmental department says they can’t force the owner to clean the house. The management for the homeowner was contacted by the HOA and notified. No one has even come to the house, but us very unlucky neighbors have to deal with the smell and flies and no one is willing to help us get this resolved.” Mrs. Davies during communication with San Tan Times staff late Thursday.

As of Friday, ABC 15 was out to take a look at the situation. San Tan Times visited the area and had a chance to speak with neighbors to confirm the situation is still unresolved.

San Tan Times is currently speaking with neighboring municipalities regarding what local services are typically provided to cover situations such as this and what the San Tan Valley area can do to fill that gap as this problem can, and most likely will, happen again in the future.

ABC 15 contacted the property owner: “after the sheriff’s department broke through the door to investigate, a padlock was put on that they weren’t able to get the code to right away. She said a cleanup crew will be out Saturday to start work.”

We have confirmed that a Biohazard team arrived Saturday as promised by the homeowner to ABC15 news. They removed the sofa, carpet and perishable food from the house. Sunday they placed 6 Ozone machines in the house they have to wait 24 hours after the power and water is restored to go in and deep clean the house.