The New Gantzel Extension Is Taking Shape

Traffic and road construction are topics that San Tan Valley knows very well. It is to the point that if sitting in traffic and complaining about road work were Olympic events, our area would be in contention for gold medals.

But, there is progress that is being made, and it could have positive impacts in a multitude of ways.

First, the Gantzel extension to Hunt Highway is really making progress and appears to be on schedule. Pavement is down and the markings and lane dividers are in place. The new intersection at Hunt and Gantzel is moving along, though it is a bit of a mess at the moment.

This will create a completely different flow of traffic for San Tan Valley residents and it should make heading north easier once the Hunt Highway lane expansion project is completed.

You can expect continued delays in the short term, but the long term will be an improvement.

New road means economic opportunities?

With the new road in place it means new economic opportunities as what was farm land is now available through State Trust Land.

Rumors have been circulating that there have been bids and interest in the land surrounding the new Gantzel extension. Additionally, the interest is for commercial development as opposed to more roof tops. Most residents can agree that is a positive direction for San Tan Valley as we need more commercial development for shopping, eating, and hopefully, decent local jobs.

The intersection at Gantzel and Bella Vista should also gain serious interest from developers due to the increased traffic. The Southeast corner would be the obvious choice for development and we look forward to seeing how things progress along the new roadway.

Multi-use development could be the most beneficial as it would allow office space to sit above the retail development. You can see this style of land space usage throughout newer areas of Arizona.

The increased development could also decrease retail space costs throughout the area as more options and availability are made available. If you are a local business owner, or know of one, rent costs are very high in San Tan Valley.

Hopefully the progress comes to fruition as local amenities, such as shopping, dinning, entertainment, and job growth are at the top of the list for most complaints from local residents.

Change is coming. Maybe quicker than some imagined.