Rural Metro Is Helping Keep Our Schools Safe

By Shawn Gilleland- Rural Metro

Rural Metro Fire Department is making back-to-school a little safer. Ok so… schools out for the summer, but when schools resume they will do so a little safer. Over the past week Rural Metro Fire crews have been busy cutting old fire hose into sections. Sections, long enough to cover the door hinge mechanism on a standard school door. An idea a Rural Metro Fire Department Battalion Chief picked up from another department, using old damaged hose as an added security measure in local schools.

Although, the hose can’t stop a threat it can provide an added level of security inside a classroom or building if a threat occurs. The sections of hose are wide enough to slide over the top hinge mechanism and prevent the arms from moving apart. Taking only seconds to slide on or off, the hose sleeves may provide valuable time to barricade the door, evacuate out another entrance or exit, or secure and shelter in place. According to FBI research most (63%) active shooting incidents last between five and twelve minutes, and a portion ending in under 2 minutes. If these hose sections can delay a threat or prevent a threat from gaining access to victims just long enough for intervention, then they have far surpassed their value.

In the wake of attacks on school, businesses, and churches many costly gadgets have flooded the market serving to secure an unlockable door. These gadgets although possibly useful, would be finically burdensome for many schools to adequately provide one unit for every door. Fortunately, these hose sleeves are being recycled from retired or damaged hoses and given the schools for FREE.

This week Rural Metro Crews delivered these hose sections to every High School and Middle School in San Tan Valley. Crews continue to produce the sections and hope to deliver them to remaining schools in coming weeks.

Among the countless community events Rural Metro Fire Department Firefighters participate in, the fire prevention in the schools, the water safety events, and community gatherings we most proud to be part of adding security for our community’s youth.