Did You Just Find Your New Best Friend? Maybe!

About San Tan Animal Rescue

“We do not have a kennel / shelter type of facility. We believe the most effective and successful way to match families and pets is to foster them in our own homes. Fostering dogs allows us to train the dogs to have good doggie manners and allows us to learn about the dog’s personality and character. Ultimately fostering our rescue animals allows us to give potential adopters complete information on the pet’s behavior and how well he / she will fit with a family and lifestyle. If you would like to be a foster please let us know. In order to adopt the dogs that are in our group, we hold adoption events every Saturday at the Petsmart in Queen Creek.” 

“Many of San Tan Animal Rescue Puppies and adult dogs are rescued from city animal shelters right before they’re scheduled to be euthanized. Other dogs come to us from people who have found them as a stray or abandoned, and often gravely ill. Unfortunately, there are far more homeless dogs than we can care for, but we do our best to place as many dogs as we can into a San Tan Animal Rescue foster homes. For the cases where we are unable to bring a dog into our group we offer families the option to courtesy post their dog on our website.”

Their Adoption Policy

“We believe there is a home for every dog. So our rescue does a 2 week trial called Foster To Adopt. That means that you take one of our dogs home to “try out” with your family for a full 2 weeks. We believe that a new dog in your house needs the entire 2 weeks to adjust to you and also you adjust to them!! If after the full 2 weeks you are 100% happy with your new friend then you come back to Petsmart and sign the final adoption paperwork and then you will receive all your medical records including shot records, spay or neuter certificate and most important microchip information. If you are not “Clicking” with your pet then please come back for a full refund within the 2 week trial. If you would like to fill out our adoption form please download the form on their website at: www.santananimalrescue.org

Moses - Boxer - 12 Years

Moses came to our rescue with 5 other dogs. his owner lost her home and rather then take all her animals to the pound she turned them in to us. Moses is 12 years old but still has a lot of life in him. He gets along with other dogs big or small. 

Oliver - Chihuahua - 2 Years

Oliver and his siblings came from an owner that lost her home. He came with 3 other Chihuahuas and 2 larger dogs. We are still learning his personality, but appears to be loving and sweet.

Diesel - 4 Years - 40 Lbs

Diesel was turned into our rescue by his owner who lost her home. He came with his older dog brother Moses. We are learning more about his personality everyday. He seems gentle and sweet.

Daisy - 1 Year - 7 Lbs

Daisy was turned into us by her owner who lost her home. She came with 5 other dogs. We are learning every day about her personality. She appears to be loving and sweet.

If you are interested in any of these pets you can visit San tan Animal Rescue’s Adoption Days every Saturday at the Queen Creek Petsmart located at: 21032 S. Ellsworth Loop Rd., Queen Creek, AZ 85142

Call San Tan Animal Rescue at: 480-479-7361

Visit them online at: www.santananimalrescue.org