San Tan Heights Residents Held a Meeting to Discuss the Incorporation of San Tan Valley Arizona

San Tan Valley is just a name given to an unincorporated area of Pinal County Arizona, but a few residents are trying to change that.

For almost a year now Vote San Tan Valley has been working on an effort to incorporate the area, if you would like to learn more about the process visit, our area development page for articles related to the initiative.

Candice Steelman, Bill Betts, Mike Burke, and Rey Torres discuss Incorporation with San tan Heights Residents.

If San Tan Valley were to incorporate it would make them the 11th largest municipality in Arizona, and one of the largest areas to form a municipality in modern United States History. With a land area that covers almost 70 square miles, and a population of almost 110,000 there is no doubt that San Tan Valley would be a huge town.

There are a lot of question regarding this initiative but the biggest one seems to be “can we afford this?” That question and many more were answered last night as residents of San Tan Heights (one of the largest neighborhoods in the proposed boundaries of San Tan Valley Arizona) held a meeting last night to discuss the pro’s and con’s of what it would mean for them to be a part of the new municipality.

Representing The Vote San Tan Valley Incorporation Committee was Steering Committee member Rey Torres, PR Spokeswoman Candice Steelman, and Budget Committee members Bill Betts and Mike Burke.


You can view the full hour plus meeting below.

The audio is not the best so crank up the volume!

Do you have any questions regarding the incorporation? Leave them below in the comments and we will do our best to get them answered for you.