A Local Resident Offers Their Perspective

By: A San Tan Valley Resident

San Tan Valley is very divided, if social media comments are to be believed. There are those who feel strongly that things are fine as they are now, those who feel that incorporation is the only answer, others who believe annexation by neighboring towns is best, and then there are those who have no interest in the matter. I imagine there are a whole host of others who don’t fit neatly into any of these categories.

Every single voice on the subject has their reasons for their choice; every reason I have heard so far is completely valid. For residents who reside in more rural areas and have been here for generations, the growth in the area threatens a way of life and livelihood. For people who were part of the early growth, experience in life and in other locations gives a warning to how ‘sideways’ things could go, and many moved or bought here to avoid that experience. In the more recent growth, many of the people who moved here came for a safe, affordable place to raise their young families. To these residents, being a part of a municipality is often seen as an answer to the ‘problems’ faced currently.

Regardless of how we have made our own choice, and as certainly as we have the right to both ‘choice’ and ‘voice’, we are also attacking the heart of community: people. No, none of us are perfect. None of us are right all of the time. Every single one of us is informed by our personal experience, and it all is important. So please, take a few deep breaths, listen to some silence, and relax. I propose we all give ourselves a break during this Season of Giving. Sometimes the best gift we can give to our loved ones is a good attitude.


A Local San Tan Valley Resident


Dear Local Resident,

We agree with your outlook. We will never grow and take advantage of the opportunities coming our way as a community if we continue to lash out and attack each other.

We need to find a way to come together in a way that this area has never done so before in order to make real progress and change. None of us have all of the solutions, but collectively, we can accomplish so much more if we found common ground to build upon.

There are a lot of divided opinions in our area and we need to listen more and attack less for this area to overcome its hurdles and frustrations.

Happy Holidays!