With the effort underway to gather petitions to allow San Tan Valley the right to vote to become a municipality, the Incorporation Committee hosted a Press Conference Wednesday morning at San Tan Flat to officially announce the effort to incorporate is moving forward. In attendance along with the committee were local representatives such as County Supervisor Mike Goodman, Superintendent Jill Broussard, Assistant Superintendent of Florence Unified School District Adam Leckie, and the San Tan Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Committee member Rey Torres spoke on behalf of the committee and the message at the press conference was clear, standing pat is no longer an option. With Queen Creek and Florence future planning zones clearly looking to take key areas of San Tan Valley, if this community does not incorporate a potential mess may occur. That mess will mean large areas of San Tan Valley being left unincorporated without the ability to develop commercial or retail projects. This could have an unpleasant effect on the future property values and the ability to get services such as fire and police, along with other basic amenities.

Without incorporating San Tan Valley will struggle to finally achieve a real city plan to help bring in jobs, offices, retail, and entertainment. All of which are desperately needed now and in the future. With an area of over 100,000 people, the community needs to plan now so future generations in the San Tan Valley area have the ability and the means to prosper.

If you are interested in taking part you can help by going to votesantanvalley.com. The site has a form to fill out for those that wish to volunteer.