Hunt Highway – Completely open with two lanes of traffic moving north bound and south bound.

Magma Road – Hunt Hwy to Gary Rd: Project tentatively scheduled for starting construction late 2019.

Germann Road – Ironwood to Meridian Rd: anticipate project starting late Summer 2019

Ocotillo Road Rehabilitation – Ironwood to Kenworthy: Pavement restoration project and new traffic signal at Cambria Drive intersection. Project started early March of 2019. Estimated construction duration 150 days.

Gary Road Widening Improvements – End of Town of Queen Creek Project to Empire Blvd: Tentatively scheduled for construction to begin Summer 2019. Area has been worked on periodically over the last few weeks which has resulted in single lane availability.

Meridian Road – Germann Road to SR24: IGA completed with the Town of Queen Creek, design kickoff in January

Meridian Road – Germann Rd to Riggs Rd/ Combs Rd: IGA completed with the Town of Queen Creek, construction tentatively scheduled for FY21/22 depending on funding