A historic day for San Tan Valley residents as the incorporation steering committee takes their first step towards bringing the incorporation effort onto the ballot. This marks an important period in San Tan Valley’s history as this will have a direct effect on our community’s future. From City planning, to economic development, to basic municipal amenities, now is the time to take part in your community to develop a better future for yourself and your family.

Official Press Release from the San Tan Valley Right to Vote Steering Committee

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SAN TAN VALLEY, Ariz. –Today the Vote San Tan Valley Steering Committee announced they have taken the first step towards putting the question of San Tan Valley incorporation on the ballot. Late this (Friday) afternoon, the required documents of a boundary map and petition were filed with the Pinal County Elections Department.

Steering Committee member Rey Torres stated, “Our ability to file is built on the consensus and efforts of multiple groups. Now San Tan Valley residents will have the opportunity and right to choose whether to be recognized as one community or be absorbed into various others, which would mean the loss of our identity and autonomy.”

The petition language was accepted by the Pinal County Elections Department, which signals the start of an effort to collect signatures from 10% of registered voters within the proposed community.

In order to complete a map of proposed municipal boundaries, steering committee members negotiated with Pinal County and the Arizona State Land Department. Bob Phillips and his wife Julie, a steering committee member, volunteered the services of their company Survey Solutions to help draw the map.

“It’s been challenging,” said Mrs. Phillips. “Despite the lines neighboring cities have drawn on their own maps, San Tan Valley has always been defined as unincorporated northern Pinal County. So that is the criteria we followed. We worked with the people who live here to define boundaries.”

The Vote San Tan Valley Steering Committee stated they are grateful for the help of various Pinal County agencies as well as Arizona attorneys Bill Sims of the Sims-Murray law group and Kay Bigelow of Bigelow Law Offices, whose guidance contributed to defining boundary lines and creating a petition.

According to state law, proposed municipal maps cannot create county islands, but changes can be made after the process begins. The proposed San Tan Valley municipal boundaries are Germann on the north, Meridian on the west, Phillips and various smaller streets on the south, and CAP canal and Attaway on the east.

Torres added, “The decisions we’re making are not unlike those made by our founding fathers, based on ideals of self determination and local representation. That is absolutely what is at stake in this effort. Whether it’s better to have representatives closer to our community or rely on distant representation.”

In addition to Torres and Phillips, other members of the Steering Committee are Daren Schnepf, Jean Stockton, Bryan K. McCoy, and Vickigene Howard. More information can be found on the Vote San Tan Valley website at votesantanvalley.com.

San Tan Valley Map

The Proposed Map of the Municipality of San Tan Valley Arizona.

Municipality of San Tan Valley AZ

Line map that was submitted to Pinal County.

The San Tan Valley Right to Vote Steering Committee will be at San Tan Eats on Saturday October 7, 2017 collecting signatures on the petition, as well as helping residents register to vote. If you would like to sign, this will be your first chance.

Learn more about the Incorporation Effort: http://votesantanvalley.com

Interested in helping, volunteer and help out: http://votesantanvalley.com/#takepart