By Joe Pyritz, Public Information Officer, Pinal County

The Pioneer Justice Court opened the doors to its new facility at 3675 E. Hunt Highway, San Tan Valley on May 6, 2019.

The Pinal County Board of Supervisors redistricted the justice courts for the 2018 election cycle. The Pioneer Court has been operating as a separate jurisdiction since January 2019. Previously, the Pioneer Justice Court jurisdiction (San Tan Valley) was part of the Apache Junction Justice Court precinct in Apache Junction.

Justice of the Peace Shaun Babeu provides monthly updates regarding case filings and revenues for the Pioneer Justice Court. Judge Babeu previously served as Justice of the Peace for the Apache Junction Justice Court for 8 years before being elected to the new Pioneer Precinct in San Tan Valley.

In the first 5 months of operation, the Pioneer Justice Court has received 3,881 case filings. The court has seen a steady increase in filings from a January low of 482 case filings to 954 in May. Of the 3,881 filings into the Pioneer justice court, 1,168 were misdemeanor criminal or criminal traffic, 718 were civil complaints (lawsuits/small claims/evictions/orders of protection) and 1,920 civil traffic offenses.

Judge Babeu stated, “Residents of San Tan Valley now have direct local access to our court facility, which saves time and makes it is easier to resolve court issues. San Tan Valley residents seeking an Order of Protection or Injunction Against Harassment can file directly with us.”

Judge Babeu further stated, “I’m proud to serve as the elected Justice of the Peace for our community. I will continue to operate our court in an efficient and effective manner, ensuring everyone is treated fairly. Our staff is comprised of 11 professionals, who share my passion and commitment to best serve you.”

The new Pioneer Justice Court is located at 3675 E. Hunt Highway in San Tan Valley near Arizona Farms Road, directly behind the Pinal County Sheriff’s substation.