Refreshing Options During Hot Temps

Dailey’s Yogurt N’ More Flavor: Chocolate Classic

Sure, it’s a pretty basic ice cream/frozen yogurt flavor, but not all chocolate flavors are created equally. And, even if they were, that is when topping options are important.

The brave Staff at San Tan Times took it upon ourselves to really do a thorough test. That meant trying not just the basic flavor, but also different toppings. We are sacrificing our diets for the good of the community! This selfless act goes unappreciated, but the community must be kept inform. So, we carry on. 


With that being said, the Staff tried three versions; plain chocolate, chocolate with Kit-Kat toppings, and chocolate with Kit-Kat and coconut toppings.

The chocolate by itself was good. Not too sweet, had an authentic chocolate taste, and it didn’t have a bitter dark chocolate taste.

The toppings made the desert go from good to frickin’ awesome. At least from two of the three Staff members. One doesn’t like coconut, so, the other two Staff members socially shamed the third, because, who doesn’t like coconut?! (Editor’s note: opinions generated in this review do not reflect the opinions of EVERYONE on staff.)

Joking aside, if coconut is something you like, the combination of that with the Kit-Kat crumbs is a really good toppings decision to go with the chocolate flavor.

Nutritional Information:

Special Note: Non-Fat, contains milk

Calories: 110 calories per 83g serving

Carbs: 24 grams

Protein: 3 grams


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San Tan Valley, Arizona

(480) 783-3161