So, it’s been unseasonably warm out, even for the desert. This means most of the staff was looking forward to reviewing some cold desserts.

watermelon sorbet

One of which ate his a little too fast and suffered a brain freeze that he described as “worse than death.” Frankly, we think he’s just a big baby. But, nonetheless, a safety tip for everyone out there; eat your cold treats slow to avoid brain freeze.

This week we are reviewing Watermelon Sorbet. Which was perfect for the heat. It was light and flavorful. Sweet but a little tart.

It has a traditional sorbet texture which is far less creamy than typical frozen yogurt, and it should be. The Watermelon flavor wasn’t overpowering and it avoided the overly-sweet candy flavored that you get from this type of flavor. It was a little mellow, which was perfect.

We tried two toppings with this flavor, Green Apple BOBA, and chocolate chips. Which seemed like a strange combination at first, but it kind of worked. The Green Apple BOBAs are little ball candies with juice in them, kind of like gushers, but gushier(?). 

Some staff loved the BOBA balls, others weren’t fans. Surprisingly, everyone loved the chocolate chips with the sorbet. Even those that weren’t fans of the BOBA texture thought the combination of the two toppings with the watermelon worked well.

Watermelon Sorbet Nutrition information:

90 calories per serving

22 carbs


Gluten free

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