New Family Owned Business In Queen Creek

By Justin & Krissy Hagerty and San Tan Times Staff

Prolift Rental offers scissor lift rentals needs. They are a family owned and operated scissor lift rental company based in Queen Creek, AZ.

Here is a quick q&a with the owners on their business and what they do.

When did you start your business? 

We started the new business process in January 2019, but have officially started as of March 12, 2019. 

What is the nature of your business? 

We rent Scissor lifts, with a focus on day and weekly rentals for the customer 

Why was important to start the business in Queen Creek? 

We built a home here in 2018, and love the small town feel that Queen Creek brings even though its growing rapidly! 

What kind of equipment will be available? 

We offer state of the art 19ft and 26ft scissor lifts that are exceptionally mobile letting operators maneuver around tight indoor and outdoor worksites with firm level ground. 

What is unique about your business? 

We are a small family owned business catering to the customers that need equipment quickly, with no delivery or pick-up fee. Offering a flat rate for ease of bidding their work. 

Anything interesting to share about you and the business?

We started this business with a focus on family and how we can teach our children to run a business. I like to reference Mike Rowe’s quote of Work Smart and Hard! There is a huge gap in skilled trades today, and we hope that we can help close that gap with our business as we grow.

What is your wife’s part in the business? 

My wife is running the day to day operations with her and the boys dropping off and picking up the equipment to job sites. 


Where are you and your wife from? Are you Arizona natives?

My wife is an Arizona Native which is rare as you know! She grew up in the North Phoenix area. I grew up in a small town in Wisconsin, called Kenosha and relocated to Chandler, Arizona in 1996.

What are the hours?

We are open 4:30am to 6:00pm Monday-Saturday, and Sundays if the customer has a need. Our flexibility as a small business is due to customer demand.

Will you branch out and expand?

Yes, we are starting small at first, focusing on the daily and weekly rentals, with a 6 month plan of adding 10-15 more lifts where we can accommodate those customers that tend to rent for longer periods of time. We didn’t want to go too big, too fast and not be able to keep up.

Where did the idea come from?

We actually were looking for a small business to start-up, something different than I had in the past (which was machine shops) that would fill a gap in a service industry and would have continued growth due to the construction boom.

20048 E. Kestrel St,

Queen Creek, AZ 85142