Local Massage Business


By Simple Wellness AZ 

“Simple Wellness AZ Massage is a locally owned small business providing professional bodywork and medical-style massage.

Located inside Beauty Suites, at Copper Basin, 2510 E Hunt Highway, unit 8, San Tan Valley.

Alyssa Britland, owner and Licensed Massage Therapist, is passionate about learning new techniques to help her clients relieve discomfort and pain due to injury, sickness or weekend-warrior activities.

If you are suffering from Sciatic or Piriformis pain, low back pain, migraine headaches, frozen shoulder, arthritis conditions, fibromyalgia, lymphatic issues, lymphedema, scoliosis, breast cancer/Oncology, scars from surgery or injury, allergies/sinus pain or any other condition, it is highly possible to get pain relief from this professional therapist who has been trained to help with your condition.

Alyssa spends countless hours at continuing education training classes (many more than what is required by the state board). She specializes in Lymphatic Massage, Sciatic/SI Joint dysfunction, and Aromatherapy. 

Lymphatic, Swedish, Cupping, Hot Stones, Myofascial, Essential Oils/Aromatherapy, and other therapies are used. Aromatherapy and blends are available for purchase.

If you have never received a professional massage, or it has been a long time since you’ve had one, why not try it ? There is no reason to be in constant pain when there is a local professional who can help.

Rates are reasonable. Appointments required, and available online or by phone. Available Tuesday-Sunday. Caring, compassionate, respectful and friendly customer Service with a smile.

Free Loyalty Program and Packages available.





Mention this article at time of booking to get your first 30 minute massage for $28.00 (savings of $7.00).