What’s The Hold Up?

Residents have repeatedly called for real dining options in the San Tan Valley area with the additionally plea of “no more fast food.” We can’t blame them. True sit down dinning is incredibly limited within the area. There are only a few options in the area such as Native, San Tan Flat, Rosco’s (which offers really good battered fish… like, seriously good), and Moreno’s, which is a little more fast casual than true sit down dining (but they do offer some great food!).

During our time in the at the RECon conference, that San Tan Times Staff attended last month, we spoke with several chains and developers that specialize in dining. Whether it is fast food, fast casual, or sit down dining they all look for certain statistics to support the possibility that San Tan Valley will provide them with success.

For sit down dining many establishments are looking for strong lunch time numbers. Those numbers come from local commercial development. From typical employees, business professionals, business meetings, commercial catering, and so forth, establishments that offer sit down dining are looking for those numbers to be strong in order to provide them with the financial numbers they need to succeed.

Without a strong lunch time traffic presence, many establishments will not look further into an area. That is the main hurdle when it comes to bringing in sit-down dining from a corporate chain restaurant, such as an Outback Steakhouse. San Tan Valley does not currently offer a strong work force to provide a lunch time impact. 

That doesn’t mean all hope is lost, but it does mean that the solution isn’t quick or easy, which is a consistent theme for many of the problems and solutions for the San Tan Valley area. As we develop the relationships needed to get in front of those offering sit down dining, those outside of our area will begin to learn about the opportunities that exist and even though this area does not offer traditional statistics that they are looking for, they may see that this is an area of 110,000 consumers that are nearly untapped with little competition in the area.

Targeting locally developed restaurants could provide a successful path as those involved will have a greater understanding of the area. Furthermore, some fast casual options such as North Of The Border and Qdoba may be options. Even though that wouldn’t be true sit down dining, it is a small step in the right direction.

As we hear back from the restaurants that have been previously spoken with and follow-up communication has been made, you can expect updates to provide a greater understanding as to the progress that is being made.