Reserve Your Spot For This Month’s Meeting

By San Tan Times

Event location:

The GYM Grill & Bar

2510 E Hunt Highway Suite 1

Copper Basin, San Tan Valley, AZ 85143

When: July 8, 2019 8 am – 9:30 am

Cost: $7 cash buffet breakfast or $2 for coffee only

Please RSVP: Pam Kavathas at: | 480-888-8017 

Suzanne DeVlieger at: | 480-390-5040

This month’s speakers:

AFC Physical Medicine & Chiropractic

AFC Physical Medicine & Chiropractic Centers has a rich and unique history that began on a bus in San Francisco. Dr. Kevin Wall and Dr. Josh Bock met while traveling to a training seminar in The City by the Bay. At the time, both physicians were running separate practices in Arizona that were bursting at the seams. After conversing for quite some time, Dr. Wall and Dr. Bock realized they shared similar values and ideas on structured management, continued education, and patient care. 

The two physicians aspired to help more people. They also wanted to help other providers launch successful practices in a highly competitive and growing market, all while maintaining a patient-centric environment. Dr. Wall and Dr. Bock concluded both of their business models and healthcare philosophies had a visible impact on helping patients restore health. 

This realization led to their desire to make a bigger impact in the community, which ignited the early beginnings of AFC Physical Medicine & Chiropractic Centers. After combining forces, Dr. Wall and Dr. Bock began opening practices in various parts of the Valley, including Mesa, San Tan Valley, Gilbert,  Desert Ridge, and Peoria. Around this time, their practices received an official name: AFC Physical Medicine & Chiropractic Centers.

Jenelle Esquivel, Compassion Connect AZ

Compassion Connect AZ, an organization that “believes in the volunteer leaders, in those who are yet to rise up and in the potential of any church community in the world to make a difference by uniting in service to its most hurting members.”

Jennelle Esquivel is the Regional Director and has called the San Tan Valley/Queen Creek area home for the past 12 years. In 2010 she brought Compassion Connect to Arizona when they began building the first Compassion Queen Creek team. Currently, Jennelle spends most of her time at the Compassion Care Center and Redeemed Threads and provides support to new and existing Arizona Compassion Clinics. Gary manages and maintains medical and dental equipment, leads set-up and tear down of events, and endlessly supports the work at the Care Center and store. Both Gary and Jennelle came to faith in Jesus as children but Compassion Connect has provided great opportunity to serve together along with their children who are always willing to do hard work for the Kingdom. It has both brought them together, and been the source of more than one disagreement–but has grown their faith and relationship tremendously.