Group Forms To Attempt To Stop Annexation

With the announcement that a group of residents has begun the process to move forward with annexing Encanterra and surrounding areas into Queen Creek, a group of residents have formed their own group to attempt to block the annexation process.

Stop Queen Creek Annexations has set up a GoFundMe account which can be found here:

Group founder, Jared McGowan, explains his reasoning for being involved:

A little about me, I have never been political or anything in my entire life. I usually just go with the status quo. My family and I moved out to San Tan Valley about 4 years ago. We love it here and love our community. We are always the “fun” house at Halloween and Christmas, my daughter loves playing in our neighborhood full of kids. I had absolutely no problem with Queen Creek when we moved here. We have enjoyed having Queen Creek close by and have many friends who live in Queen Creek. 

That was until I heard about Encanterra and what was going on in that community. I heard that neighboring towns and non-resident builders were interfering with our effort to determine our own future, affecting my family, and I started asking questions. 

The very first time I asked a question that seemed negative about Queen Creek, I was immediately contacted by a member of the town council who debated with me about why I was wrong and it just progressed negatively from there. The deeper I looked, the uglier it got in regards to annexation. I don’t want to pay more in taxes for food, clothing and everything else I buy, because QC feels that all of our current and future commercial should be within their boundaries, building their town, while leaving STV with whatever they don’t want. I don’t live in QC for a reason and I don’t want to pay QC taxes!

I want a say in my community. I want my community to stop being picked apart. I want to be able to vote and decide for myself what our community looks like in the future. But if Queen Creek cuts us in half we will all lose our voice. 

How is it possible that a “grass roots” effort by a few Encanterra property owners, is able to draw up a huge map with less than 1/3 of it actually being the community of Encanterra! We NEED to all come together as a community to fight back against the take over of our land by a neighboring town. We need to fight back against the politicians and corporations trying to make decisions for us. We deserve a voice, we all deserve a choice. Help us send a message to the politicians and corporations that we will fight for our community. Join us as we fight for that right!

As we covered in Wednesday’s edition of San Tan Times, annexation and the future of San Tan Valley is a contentious topic throughout the area. The future of San Tan Valley and Queen Creek is very much an unknown in terms of how this will all develop. 

For additional information regarding this group of residents, you can visit their Facebook page at: