By Constance Halonen-Wilson, Public Information Officer Queen Creek

The Town of Queen Creek has a strong agricultural history, making Horseshoe Park & Equestrian Centre a popular community amenity and economic driver. To provide the safest route to Horseshoe Park, a bridge was installed over the Sonoqui Wash at Riggs Road in 2012 creating an underpass that allows equestrian users to bypass Riggs Road without dismounting their horse.

The underpass is the safest way for equestrians to access Horseshoe Park from south of Riggs Road. To enhance the experience for equestrians and riders, the Town is making a number of improvements:

  • Installing a gate along the west fence of Horseshoe Park to provide direct access from the trail that runs along the north side of Riggs Road
  • Widening the soft shoulders along the ramps in and out of the Sonoqui Wash
  • Installing signage south of Riggs directing equestrian users along the path to the Sonoqui Wash underpass

The equestrian heritage and agricultural roots are two of the unique characteristics of the Town. With horses and other animals in the community, it is important to know how to be QC neighborly and drive to arrive around animals:

  • Use extra caution when operating a vehicle near animals
  • Be patient and slow down
  • Don’t honk your horn or rev your engine – it may startle the animal
  • When passing an animal, allow extra space and proceed slowly
  • Roll up the windows if you have small children or animals in the car 

While animals may be present throughout Town, be extra cautious near Horseshoe Park and trail crossings.

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