Author: Grady Hendrix
Page Count: 243
Rating: B
Keywords: Cheesy, Ikea Parody, Ghosts, Possession
Genre: Horror
Younger Readers: Not overly scary but not recommended for young children, gory and kind of gross at points, mild language

This book is formatted to look like an Ikea catalogue. There are drawings and descriptions of furniture at the beginning of each chapter and the descriptions become more sinister as the horror factor builds. The inside cover is a map of the Ikea-ish store, Orsk. Even the author’s bio and photo are formatted to look like an Orsk employee badge. The formatting and concept are brilliant and if my rating was based on these factors alone then this book would receive an A.

I was bored for the first quarter of the book. The characters were irritating and not overly entertaining. Amy, our main character, is whiny and difficult to care about initially. When her boss, Basil, asks her and another employee to stay after hours to try and catch a vandal is when things become entertaining. Creepy graffiti, horrible smells, and ghost hunting ensue. While this section was really entertaining and made me like the book overall, some of the descriptions were just plain disgusting. If you don’t handle gross descriptions well, this might not be the book for you.

Through all of the gore and grossness, there were moments when the author’s writing skills were evident. Certain descriptions were oddly well crafted and beautiful for the genre and made me wonder what this author could do writing in another genre or format.

While this is not a brilliantly moving novel, it is highly entertaining and original. Perfect for the Halloween season. I recommend it to anyone who likes the cheesy brand of horror and doesn’t gag too easily.

The Woman in Black

Author: Susan Hill
Page Count: 200
Rating: A
Keywords: Ghosts, Dogs, Victorian
Genre: Horror
Younger Readers: Teens and older

If you’re in the market for a new audiobook, the edition narrated by Paul Ansdell was a great creepy read. I had the added bonus of listening to this during my two hour commute through fog cloaked hills in eastern Washington earlier this year. Highly recommend this one for a stormy night.

I watched the movie adaptation of this when I was in high school and did not necessarily love it. Luckily this book diverges quite a bit from that story and I preferred reading Arthur Kipps to watching Danielle Radcliffe’s performance of him. The book has a bit more soul, substance, and sense than the film.

I highly recommend this one if you’re looking for a great classic ghost story with an eerie atmosphere that does not necessarily leave you downright scared but rather unnerved. 

Bonus, there’s a canine companion!

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