Yesterday evening we posted an article about a San Tan Valley man that due to an unfortunate situation had been arrested, and then released but was missing his dog and his personal items which included his insulin.

Well, we are happy to report that the man that Simply wants San Tan Valley to smile is the one that is doing all of the smiling today! Thank you to the overwhelming support of the community Squirrel was reunited with Marley and his belongings this morning!

“I knew I would get her and my things back I just thought that it would take a really long time, thank you, everyone for helping.” Squirrel said.

It was an exciting and tearful reunion as Marley came running through the door to meet Squirrel with her tail wagging. Squirrels friend Lucas, who he calls a brother to him said “He stayed with me last night and normally we can hear Marley moving around and making noise at night, it was very quiet in the house last night, and everyone was a little sad wondering where Marley was.”



Not only did Squirrel get everything back but the resident that took care of Marley made sure that Marley was well taken care of, getting Marley a new collar and tag with her name on it as well as getting her micro-chipped. This way if something ever happens to Marley in the future people that know how to get a hold of Squirrel will be contacted immediately.

The events that lead to the arrest were somewhat of a mystery until we had the chance to talk with Squirrel directly ” I had been in minor trouble in the past, and at the time of my second court date I was out of town and called the Court House. They told me to send an email explaining the situation and why I could not be at court, I tried to send an email but because I am not the best with technology it didn’t go through and a warrant was issued. A police officer saw me at Walmart, found out that I had a warrant, and arrested me.”

The San Tan Times would like to thank local resident Rosy Schnapp for communicating with Squirrel for us and providing a place to make this reunion happen, local resident Heather Ruiz for providing us with information about the situation on Thursday evening, and one big-hearted resident that wished to remain anonymous for taking care of Marley and holding onto Squirrels belongings.