By San Tan Times Staff and Heather Ruiz

If you have traveled through the intersection of Hunt Highway and Bella Vista in San Tan Valley anytime within the last few years odds are you have smiled at squirrel. He is generally sitting at the intersection holding a sign that simply reads just smile.

Recently he had an unfortunate incident that lead to a trespassing arrest. According to local resident Heather Ruiz “He was arrested at Walmart for trespassing, although the manager of Walmart has said it was not them that called.”

During the arrest, a local resident who witnessed the incident offered to help squirrel out by watching his dog Marley, and taking care of his personal items. In all of the confusion, Squirrel was unable to get any contact information from the good samaritan.

Squirrel has now been released and is desperately searching for his belongings and pup and local residents are doing their best to help him.

Ms. Ruiz added “Squirrel has been in the area for a few years now that I know of. At least two. He is homeless, though I’ve never seen him panhandle and any time my husband or I have ever spoken to him, he politely but firmly refuses any offer of money. We would really appreciate help finding Squirrels personal items, and his buddy Marley.”

If anyone has any information on Squirrel, his personal items, or Marley please pass the information on to and it will be directed to the residents that are helping Squirrel.

UPDATE!!! Squirrel has been reunited with Marley and his belongings!