Eliminating The Danger From Garden hose Fun 

kid playing

By Rural Metro

It’s a typical summer day in Arizona. Outside temperatures climb to over 100 degrees and although it nice inside the kids are restless. They’ve been out of school for a few weeks, they watched all the movies, they played with all the toys, they just want out. Unlike so many, you do not have a pool so you opt for the old standby, a garden hose, for a little summertime backyard fun. STOP!

There is a hidden danger inside that garden hose that’s been laying in the yard. Scalding hot water. As parents, we test the water before placing a child in the tub. Don’t forgo checking the temperature of the water coming out of that garden hose. Especially, in these hot summer months. Go out before the kids get a hold of it and let water run through it until the water is running at a consistent temperature. Check the temperature before clearing them for the summertime backyard waterpark fun. 

A few more summertime tips to keep our kids safe:

1. Always supervise children around water. Supervise them around any and all water, buckets, toilets, ponds, pools, lakes and oceans.

2. Stay hydrated. The sun and heat escalate the rate of dehydration and being in the water can deceive our perception of how much water we are losing.

3. Sunburns are radiation burns just like fire. Wear sunscreen. 

4. Make sure kids wear shoes on the hot concrete. 

5. Finally, Enjoy the summer safely. 

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