The Hearings Are Over, But The Work Is Not 

By Supervisor Mike Goodman’s Office

Supervisor Goodman’s schedule last week was again wrapped up in the Arizona Corporation Commission Johnson Utility hearing. The Johnson Utility evidentiary hearing finally came to a close on Wednesday, May 9. This concluded four weeks of a comprehensive investigation to determine if interim management should be appointed. At this point in time, all intervenors will provide their final recommendations and briefs to the judge and the AZCC. The first wrap up brief is scheduled for May 25, and the responsive brief is scheduled for June 1. After reviewing the proposed findings of fact, the judge will then provide her opinion to the AZCC on what should take place. From there, the AZCC Commissioners will decide on whether an interim manager should be appointed.

On Wednesday, May 16, the Supervisors will attend the commissioning of the Pinal Central Energy Center Solar Generation and Battery Storage Facility at the project site on HWY 287. During the BOS Work Session later that afternoon, the Board will discuss the County’s final narrative and opinion regarding the JU case. For those of you who are serviced by Johnson Utilities, and have been viewing these hearings, if you have an opinion on the appointment of interim management, we invite you to provide your feedback via e-mail to your Board of Supervisors. We want to hear your opinions based on the findings of this case, whether you feel interim management is necessary, or whether you are satisfied with your current service. To submit your responses, contacting each Supervisor should be done. Contact info can be found at

Supervisor Goodman has several notable events taking place this week. For today, May 14, the final round of Technical Advisory Committee meetings will take place for the Plan San Tan initiative. In these meetings, the committees will review stakeholder and community feedback that was received relative to the three San Tan Valley Land Use Plan Scenario alternatives. The project team will then review how feedback was incorporated into the development of a preferred San Tan Valley Land Use Plan. We look forward to seeing the results of this study and sharing with all of you.

Supervisor Goodman also has plans to meet with the Queen Creek Town Council this week. As we move forward with developing our area and meeting the demands of our rapidly growing community, it is imperative to build stronger relationships with neighboring Towns and Counties. Strengthening these relationships will be a top priority for Supervisor Goodman this year.

Looking ahead, Supervisor Goodman has been scheduling times to meet with Youth Advisory Council participants to wrap up this year’s program. More details to come on results of this session, and what will take place in our next session. Goodman’s office has been working with a consultant regarding economic growth and how our education programs impact this growth. This consultant has a great deal of experience in this area, and has seen incredibly positive results through changes that were implemented in Utah. These changes focus on providing students with more technical skills that tie directly to specific occupations. These changes would attract additional businesses to San Tan Valley as we would have a more robust workforce offering. We will continue to provide updates on this topic as well.

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