Active Residents Come Together 

Sizzling Seniors

The second Monday every month at the Gym Bar and Grill starting at 8 AM is a group of active residents that get together to discuss current items. From current events, local charities, projects, or senior specific items, it is a great group to learn more about your community.

This past Monday the group had the opportunity to hear from Supervisor Mike Goodman.

The topics of interest varied greatly. Incorporation questions, both for and against, were asked. At this point the petitions have been submitted and the attorneys and election officials will need to review everything.

Goodman stressed that no matter what happens with the incorporation effort that the community will need to come together to provide input into the future of the San Tan Valley area. We as a community must “come together and have a conversation.”

Road work was discussed, which many residents can see during your commute, can be a lengthy topic in itself. Now that Queen Creek has annexed Ironwood Crossing and some of the surrounding areas, Meridian Road is now their responsibility, which has been causing some confusion from some residents about who is maintaining that area; Pinal County or Queen Creek.

As for the questions regarding the water utility issues and where the community is at with the ongoing problems, Mr. Goodman spoke about the upcoming ACC hearings that are scheduled to take place April 16-18. It was mentioned that if this is an issue that is important to the residents, they must take part and have their voices heard and their evidence submitted.

There was an additional update for a topic that has been brought up numerous times by San Tan Valley residents. That is the topic of Home Depot. For many residents, most have given up hope that Home Depot will ever occupy the lot on Gary and Hunt Highway. But, new information has been made available that Home Depot will be opening five new locations in Arizona and that San Tan Valley may be a potential location.

There are still a lot of questions and “ifs” regarding the Home Depot lot, but at least residents can be given some sense of hope that the lot may offer something to local residents sooner than later.

Building out that lot would mean additional shopping opportunities and local jobs for the area. Both are very much needed.

San Tan Times will provide an update on the lot located at Gary and Hunt as soon as more information becomes available.