Our Only Elected Official Updates The Community

By Supervisor Goodman’s Office

Utility Updates

Over the last several weeks many of our residents have struggled with low water pressure. Schools were also impacted, with one of our elementary schools having to haul in water to flush toilets. We have been given different reasons as to the cause of this low water pressure, and our County staff are meeting with JU management this week to get an update. For those of you who are still experiencing issues, submit these issues to the ACC and ADEQ over the phone or through their websites.

As for the JU Hearings, initial briefs have been filed by the intervenors. The ACC judge will be reviewing the briefs and will be giving her opinion this month. 

Week in Review

Our Board of Supervisors recently attended the opening of the Pinal Central Energy Center solar generation facility. This is a tremendous accomplishment, promising Pinal County a seat as Arizona’s leader of green energy production. Currently, we have over 1200 acres of solar generation, as well as an ethanol manufacturing facility, and a bio-gas facility with more sites under County review. 

A couple weeks ago Supervisor Goodman met with residents from Johnson Ranch and surrounding areas, as well as Pinal County staff and former Supervisor Sandy Smith, to address some of their concerns regarding Magma Road. If anyone has input or would like to request more information regarding Magma Road, please contact our office at 520-866-8080. Thank you to all of the residents that came and participated and to Gordon Brown for organizing it. Community input is always vital. 

Last week’s board meeting included important topics for discussion and vote. More discussion regarding the FY 2018/2019 budget occurred, with the BOS approving certain budget change requests. To see which budget items were approved and other votes that took place, the video can be accessed at www.pinalcountyaz.gov.

Week Ahead

As previously stated, County staff will continue to seek out answers and up

dates regarding the recent water pressure issues. We will also continue to communicate with our various HOA’s as we receive additional updates.

This week’s board meeting agenda will include a vote from the BOS regarding approval/disapproval of the tentative budget for FY 2018-2019. To view agenda items in further detail, please visit www.pinalcountyaz.gov.

On Friday, June 8, the Supervisors will attend a celebration for the completion of the Kelvin Bridge replacement project. This historical bridge crosses the Gila River and we are happy to see it will be up and running for pedestrians to utilize.