An Interim Manager “does not make any sense” to Him

Supervisor Todd House’ testimony was an eye opener. Apart from stating that he does not want to see an interim manager in place, he went on to comment the water utility company takes “ernest action” to correct and prevent problems.

He also stated the Hydrogen Sulfide problem has been addressed, which goes directly against the latest reports provided by Pinal county.

Additionally, House commented that the public comment sessions were “quite a turnout for the area” but most of the issues were past issues, but he believes it is still confined to a “small group of people.”

While defending the utility and stating his confiedence in the company, House, when asked about the number of sanitary sewer overflows and the five overflows that took place this year, House claimed he was not aware of that.

House did confirm he has has had a long friendship with George Johnson that has spanned 12 years.

Supervisor House continues to ignore the problems in San Tan Valley and seems to be actively attempting to prevent real solutions from taking place.