Confirms That He Received Numerous Complaints

Steve miller supervisor

Supervisor Miller’s testimony should be a little frustrating to San Tan Valley residents. Miller admitted to not attending the ACC Hearings in San Tan Valley as they were not his constituents, even though Miller was more than willing to vote in support of only fining the utilty company $20,000 instead of the maximum $1,000,000.

Miller also admitted that he has received 50-60 email compaints about the utility at a time on more than one occasion. Miller admitted that he does not read all of the complaints.

From an editorial perspective, this created a lot of questions for us at San Tan Times. How can a Supervisor vote on a problem that affects residents that are out of his territory if he does not read about the complaints or attend the hearings? What does a supervisor base his vote on if he, seemnigly does not care about what happens out side of his district.

There are local residents asking for the recusal of Rios and House. With Miller admitting he does not read complaints and does not attend hearings outside of his district, maybe it’s time for the Board of Supervisors to rethink how they handle county problems.