By Jason Riggs

Hello fellow San Tan Valley residents!

I live on a suburban ranch property that backs up to Ironwood. As many of you know, traffic has increased and it appears that it will continue to do so with new subdivisions currently underway and more proposed. Change is upon us and change can be unsettling. However, change can be a wonderful time in the history of our community.

I grew up in North East Mesa and an area known as Lehi. Lehi is very different from the rest of Mesa. It has open ditches, livestock, agriculture and even some small businesses. Mesa agreed to protect the historic feel and land uses for this area and at the same time was able to accommodate tremendous growth in the surrounding residential areas while preserving their look and feel as well as the property values for both areas.

I am joining those who wish to incorporate this area in order to preserve the suburban ranch lifestyle much like Mesa did for Lehi. I also want to provide for responsible and thoughtful future growth and build the infrastructure already needed to support those of us who currently reside in the proposed incorporation area.

Although many questions remain to be answered, I take great comfort in knowing that if Coolidge and many of the other surrounding Pinal County municipalities have been able to successfully incorporate and maintain solvency, we can too.

I would invite each of you to consider a future where we control our own destiny and take the funds available and utilize them to suit our best interests which may not always align with the County’s interests.