Training Dogs And Humans For A More Enjoyable Life Together

By Susan Smith, East Valley Dog Training 

Answers to questions are based on the information provided. It’s always a good idea to have your pet thoroughly examined by a veterinarian when having behavior problems. Although I can give general information and management suggestions on serious behavior problems such as aggression, issues such as these can be a very serious problem and a certified dog trainer should be consulted.

I have 3 pugs, Cecil 4, Odin 1 and Olga 4 months. Why do they always want to be under the covers when we are sleeping? Leisa

This is a hard one, and my response is purely speculation – but speculate, I will!

Many of today’s breeds are not original; they became extinct during times of war, famine, etc., and then when things were better, someone decided to bring the breed back. To do this, they bred different breeds together in an attempt to get the confirmation and temperament of the original breed. Pugs, however, are an ancient breed – they can be traced back 2000 years! – and, were a favored companion of Chinese royalty. They were highly valued and a guarded treasure, given only occasionally as a gift to other royalty. This leads me to believe that Pugs were almost certainly living the high life. So, if they weren’t sleeping with Chinese emperors, were they sleeping with a servant, or did they have their own little royal bed with silk pillows and velvet covers?

My second thought is that they are a short-haired companion breed, so they like to be cozy warm, just like us. I’ve never owned a Pug, but I did own a Boston Terrier, and he loved to sleep under the covers.

So, it may be just a matter of practicality – or it could be because of their breeding.

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