Schnepf Farms Take On B&Bs 

Whether you are looking for something interesting to do or if you have family and friends coming in from out of town, Schenpf Farms offers an interesting opportunity.

For some, you may be looking for something different when it comes to camping, and Schnepf Farms has done that. Luxury camping on a farm in authentically retro RVs.

For those coming in from out of town, this isn’t just an incredibly different option than a typical hotel, but it is relatively affordable with costs as low as $125 a night which is great considering the ammenities that are provided.

About the RVs

These are fully rennovated and modernized classics while keeping the time period of the RV in mind. Currently they have 10 RVs in their fleet, but currently four are being rennovated.

The oldest is their 1948 Spartan Mannor. It is currently being renovated, or as Schnepf Farms put it; “completely gutted.” But, when it is done, it will offer a sleeping area in the front of the RV with beautiful views. The kitchen is in the middle and the back is a complete bathroom suite with shower and private door. 

“It’s sleek interior is perfect for the couple who want to just relax.” 

The RV will offer a queen size bed, microwave, fridge, flat screen television, coffee maker, and outdoor eating area with a private fire pit, that is available for all RVs.

The Spartan Manor will be available at $135 per night

The most expensive RV, at $165 per night, is also being renovated. The 1960 33’ Streamline Count will have a huge living room with a sleeper sofa, a comfortable kitchen , plenty of sleeping space, a secret escape door and full bathroom. More details coming soon.


Current Lineup Of RVs

1970 Silver Streak is decorated with sleek wood floors, a full bathroom and two single beds with plush bedding. The couch can also be laid flat to accomodate 1 or 2 children.

$125 per night

1969 Airstream International has an authentic look with its original aluminum exterior body. The restoration was done with the intention to keep 90% of the interior as original as possible. the main difference from the original design is that they have moved the bedroom from the middle of the trailer to the front, to let guests have a nice space for relaxing. You will notice some cute wooden foot stools under the television that you can use to rest your feet while watching tv.

$125 per night

1969 Airstream Ambassador looks amazing with its chrome like exterior. It also offers a queen size bedroom with a large bathroom that has a shower and a tub.

$125 per night

The 1972 Airstream Land Yacht not only offers a fantasticly retro name, but also offers a bedroom window that allows for star gazing.

The 1960 Spartan Mansion comes in at 35’ in length and is their largest model. While also offering the reto, unpainted, aluminumn exterior body, it also has an interior that combines retro design with a modern look with large windows and a queen size bed.

$145 per night

The 1974 Silver Streak… which is one of the few models that doesn’t actually have a silve exterior. The inerior has been completely remodeled, but it still proudly clings to its 1970s heritage. This RV is also pet friendly as long as your furry firend is under 30 lbs.

Personally, this allows some of us at San Tan Times to scratch that itch of having an RV without actually having to buy one. To be clear, we blame the Travel Channel for our irrational attraction to RVs.

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