Initial Reports From EPCOR Raise A Lot Of Questions 

With reports coming in from EPCOR of extreme corrosion and high levels of nitrates in the water that are just below the legal limit, questions remain about the effectiveness of ADEQ. 

ADEQ appears to be incapable of providing proper oversight of a utility. San Tan Times has previously addressed the concerns that ADEQ has shown a lack of management and oversight capabilities regarding the utility. This communication came before the ADEQ Public Hearings regarding the expansion of Section 11 Wastewater Treatment Plant. As of the publishing of this article, we have received no response from ADEQ in regards to our most recent questions. 

With the initial inspection of Johnson Utilities facilities by EPCOR that Pinal Central reported “were so corroded by hydrogen sulfide that they now have the potential of collapsing and ‘exploding’” where has ADEQ been and what type of inspections have they been doing? 

These inspections that EPCOR did aren’t issues that popped up overnight. These issues have existed for years, yet ADEQ has done very little. 

With the proposed expansion to Section 11 Wastewater Treatment Plant, San Tan Valley residents need to be asking themselves is ADEQ capable of managing and providing oversight to this project to ensure it is done properly and that the community will not be harmed by this expansion. At this point, that answer is “no.” 

The state of the water utility is a massive problem. But the bigger problem is the state agency that is supposed to protect residents from such health and safety problems has proven time after time that they are incapable of providing the service in which their mission statement claims. 

ADEQ’s mission statement is to “protect and enhance public health and the environment in Arizona.” To say ADEQ has fallen short of their mission is a massive understatement. 

If residents have concerns about ADEQ’s abilities regarding Johnson Utilities, specifically the expansion of Section 11 Wastewater Treatment Plant, contact them through the following means: 

Regarding the WWTP11 Permit Contact: 

Monica Phillips 

APP Permits Section 

1110 W. Washington Street, 5415B-3 

Phoenix, AZ 85007 

Contact ADEQ over your concerns regarding their lack of inspections and oversight: