Liam Continues To Recover And Tries Out Homeownership 

When we last left Liam he was finally headed “home.” Well, Lisa’s home, that is. Liam didn’t colic for almost 48 hours and all his blood tests were showing normal positive and steady for the last 48 hours as well. Liam, now nearly two weeks old now, has already had quite a rough life but is finally stable enough to move on to the next stage of recuperation.

Now comes the time where the care falls to Lisa. This means that the initial feeding schedule is every two hours. Nighttime included. Much like any burro, he’s not particularly quiet when it comes time for feeding as he announces his excitement with authority, and loudly.

As Liam grows stronger Lisa notes that “he is complete[ly] night and day from when he came home from the hospital. He is a huge ball of energy and life with no intentions of slowing down anytime soon. He is a full-blown toddler. He is needy he gets cranky he wants to be on top of you all day everyday and he will vocally let you know when he does not want to be alone anymore.”

“We’ve been incrementally upping his feed intake about 15 ml per day since his gut was still feeling funny we wanted to take it slow. Over the last two days he’s jumped about 50 ml and today he’s doubled from 220ml a feeding to 420ml!!! What a growing boy. He needs that energy to yell at mommy all hours of the night.”

“I completely and totally am in love with this boy. He’s come full circle. We even took a trip outside for the first time!”

Arizona Equine continues to stop by to check on Liam to be sure he is stable and making progress. In just a few days Liam had packed on almost ten pounds.

At this point, Liam is still very much an indoor burro which is challenging… and just a bit smelly as Lisa can attest to, “Did I just google.. ‘easiest way to bathe baby donkey?’ Is this what my life has become? #HeStinks”

After more tests to be sure Liam is in good health and growing Lisa was happy to report that “Welp, Liam’s blood tests came back from Friday. Everything looks normal now. Although his white blood cell count is wayyy too high now. Before it was too low. Normal range is 5,000, last week he was 2,000 when he was sick.. this week he’s 20,000!! Eek! Which means his body is still fighting infection. Wanna know what that infection is?”

“Poor Liam tested positive for Salmonella and C-diff. Both very dangerous and contagious ickies.”

 “The good thing is they’ve been treating him since he came in as a precaution so he’s had a head start on his treatments. The Bad thing is now I have to give him a shot in the booty once a day. He no[t] happy about that”

“So unfortunately no more visitors for now until he is retested and in the clear.”

If his cuteness outweighs your risk of getting sick you are welcome to come see him. You’ll just have to wear ICU precautions to keep yourself from getting sick. (Gloves and bleach water your shoes before you leave) just don’t let him suck on your face like my mom does.”

“Otherwise Liam is a happy camper! He learned to wait at the door so when you open it he busts thru to get into my bedroom.. yes, his cuteness outweighs my risk of sickness. I just can’t say no to that face.”

Over the next several weeks Liam grows stronger and stronger while getting into his share of indoor mischief, including but not limited to getting into the trash and drinking out of the toilet. But, he also enjoyed going for walks throughout Lisa’s neighborhood just like your typical pet.

But, now Liam needs to learn to be an actual burro as opposed to being the equivalent of an oversized dog. Which means more challenges for Liam and Lisa.