Donation Of $25,000 To Replace Water Storage Tank For YMCA Of Southern Arizona

By Gina Salinas. Public Works PIO, Pinal County

Since 1949 the Triangle Y Ranch has served as a pillar of the community hosting thousands of guests in Oracle.

The mission of the YMCA of Southern Arizona is dedicated to improving the quality of human life and to helping all people realize their fullest potential through the development of Spirit, Mind and Body.

Earlier this year Mike Reuwsaat from the YMCA presented to the Pinal County Board of Supervisor seeking help in addressing their water system issues. This includes dealing with the failure of their original cement tank, a dated seal tank and an augmented original system. These issues effected the potable water for the 400 acre camp and their fire suppression supply. After a positive discussion the board approved a onetime donation of $25,000 to replace a water storage tank.

“I help those that help others. Triangle Y provides summer camps, special classes, events for youth, economically disadvantaged children, veteran’s children, Goldstar families, group retreats, Native Americans, etc. ” states Supervisor Rios with an impressive amount of those who benefit from the program.

Supervisor Rios delivered the funds while on a visit to the camp and toured the facility alongside, Kurtis Dawson, CEO of YMCA of Southern Arizona and Anthony Wright, COO of YMCA of Southern Arizona.

“The YMCA of Southern Arizona and Triangle Y Ranch Camp and Retreat Center are very appreciative of the funding from Pinal County to help replace the water storage tank. There is nothing more basic and important than clean and reliable potable water for consumption and fire protection.  The Triangle Y Ranch Camp has been serving Pinal County residents for over 80 years and is truly a jewel in the desert. Together we will continue to positively change lives of children and families for years to come,” said Kurtis Dawson, CEO, YMCA of Southern Arizona.