Horse Owners Can Use Their Horses In Many Different Disciplines

By Dustin Jacobs, Certified Farrier Jacobs Equine Services

Horse owners can use their horses in many different disciplines. Whether you rope, barrel race, or use them for dressage, all horses require constant hoof care. Many horse owners understand the importance of their horse having healthy hooves. Horses can develop many hoof issues due to lack of proper care. There are several important steps horse owners can take to help their horse maintain healthy hooves.

Equine hooves require regular maintenance that can be provided by a professional farrier, this can aid in the longevity of your horse being sound and living a healthy life. A farrier should be knowledgeable in his field and help their clients understand any issues that their horse might be going through. Keep in mind, many horses will only see their farrier 6 to 9 times a year. It is important for horse owners to become familiar with their horses and what their hooves should look like. Daily maintenance by the owner can help prevent problems because the owner will know what is “normal” for their horse. Simply cleaning horses hooves out daily or dirt, rocks, and thrush can help horses be more comfortable in their day to day life. When cleaning the hoof out, it is important to inspect for loose shoes and the overall health of the hoof.

Nutrition is a huge factor in a horse having healthy feet. It is important to consult with your veterinarian to find out what the best diet is for your horse. When a horse is obese, not only are they unhealthy, but many hoof issues can result from a few extra pounds. When a horse is underweight, the lack of nutrition can keep the hoof from growing at a healthy rate.

The environment can affect the integrity of the hoof. When a horse stands in a wet environment the hoof can be compromised and become very weak. For horses that are kept in rocky pens that are excessively dry, the hoof can develop issues such as cracking or breaking off. By keeping your horse in a consistent environment, your farrier will have the opportunity to get ahead of many hoof issues, adjusting the trim or shoeing to help with that horse’s discipline.

In conclusion, daily hoof care can help prevent many issues. Finding a professional farrier is a great way for horse owners to help ensure the health of their horses’ feet. By consulting with your veterinarian, a proper nutrition program can be put in place, helping horses maintain a healthy weight will reflect on how healthy their hooves are. Keeping your horse in a consistent environment will help your farrier adjust his job to best fit your horse. Many factors come together when it comes to helping your horse have healthy feet and live a sound life.