House’s Agenda Will Cost Pinal If Things Do Not Change

Supervisor House’s ongoing agenda against San Tan Valley will not only damage the San Tan Valley area, but it will damage the county and potentially cost the county millions if it continues.

The most recent example was at the last Board of Supervisors meeting where House attempted to prevent an increased budget for Supervisor Goodman while supporting a much larger budget increase for Supervisor Rios in the past.

House made the weak, and willfully ignorant, argument that he is able to get by with the budget supplied to him and sees no reason why Supervisor Goodman would need additional funding.

The huge difference between Supervisor House’s district and Supervisor Goodman’s district is that House has local government support. Whereas Supervisor Goodman has no local government in the vast majority of his district.

The budget increase that was asked for by Supervisor Goodman was for an additional $25,000 annually to go to additional support staff.

Recently Supervisor Rios asked for a much larger budget increase, which was supported by House.

House rarely misses the chance to take shots at San Tan Valley Residents. Whether it is claiming during hearings that he did not receive any complaints about Johnson Utilities, claiming that the problems have been resolved in regards to the Johnson Utilities problems, making false claims that the problems regarding Johnson Utilities are only being voiced by a handful of residents, or making snide comments during Board of Supervisors meetings about the cost of road work being done in San Tan Valley. Todd House insulting San Tan Valley residents is becoming a hobby and tradition.

Maybe Supervisor House lacks basic critical thinking and can’t see how his continued agenda against the San Tan Valley area will end up costing his own constituents money in the long term. Technically, it is costing his constituents now with the road work being done within San Tan Valley since the area remains unincorporated, which Todd House has had a hand in as he never supported San Tan Valley incorporating. The fact that this area isn’t a municipality means all road work and infrastructure done within the San Tan Valley area comes directly from the county.

So, when Supervisor House takes shots at the money being spent in San Tan Valley, it is due to direct actions he has taken against this area.

If Todd House looks at the San Tan Valley area as a nuisance, then this is a nuisance he helped create.