As much fun as Lisa was having with having Liam as a house pet, the little fella needed to learn how to be a burro. That meant he needed to start getting used to barn life. Also, interacting with other burros was needed.

Even as Liam was set up to venture out into outdoor living, he still spent some time indoors as he suffered a slight set back.

“Unfortunately Liam started to develop a few complications with his health all of a sudden. The vet advised me NOT to release him from the house until further tests are run and he’s 100% medically cleared to go outside for good. Dr said he’s actually still not medically stable even after being off of all medications and him looking so good. She said they can revert to bad health quickly with how bad of shape that he was in. So she wants to protect him from whatever is going on now. 

Back to the vet Monday for further testing 🙁 for now… Liam cuddles.” as Lisa reported.

But, as the medical concerns passed, Liam got himself hooked up with a lady friend as Lisa tells it, “I picked out Liam his very own burro so he’s not alone!”

“She is a little older than Liam but about the same size. She too is wild from the BLM so they will have lots of stories to swap. I couldn’t be happier.” 

“Let’s find a name for little miss!”

“As a tip trainer, I am able to keep this little one for up to 90 days before I either have to give her back or adopt her out. I’m hoping to hold on to her as long as possible assuming that in 3 months Liam will be big enough to be more independent.” 

“At that time this little girl will be available for adoption!”

So, the key thing we got out of that s that Liam likes the older ladies. God on ya, Liam!

After a slow transition from house life to barn life, Liam officially became an outdoor burro on November 1st. He’s happy, healthy, and packing on weight. We hope to get more stories and insight from Lisa and the good people at Mustang Heritage Foundation.