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What you need to know about the “Stand pipe”, Johnson Utilities and how 2 minutes of your time can help our neighbors.

At the conclusion of Amy Simpson’s victory (Docket number: WS-02987A-16-0275) regarding discriminatory actions by Johnson Utilities with respect to installation of water main lines, the Corporation Commission reopened the “Standpipe Docket” for the remainder of the folks in the Bonanza Highlands area to investigate why water mains installation has not been completed to date. Essentially, the people in this area have NO UTILITY WATER and one resident stated they use a “500 gallon trailers to fill 2,000 gallon tanks at home and usually that means multiple trips a week” in the heat of the summer.

This fight has been going for more than 4 years and minimal progress has been made with regards to that docket item. Help is needed from the public to show support for the community.

At this point the Commission has reported a total of 3.3 miles of water mains are left to be completed at a cost of less than $400K. Given the approximately 25,000 feet (4.75 miles) of line has already been installed, that equates to well over half of the lines being completed, yet Johnson Utilities refuse to finish their obligation.

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“I support the community in need of water mains. Johnson Utilities has delayed and abused the legal system long enough and the community should not have to face this battle year after year with no resolution. The already settled discrimination ruling by the judge should be all that is required to force the company to comply with its obligations.”