Local residents are in need of your help recovering a pair of dirt bikes while they were home Tuesday, March 5th at 3:38 P.M. 

The bikes stolen were a green 2017 Blue Yamaha TTR23 and a 2017 Kawasaki KTL 110 DHF.

Resident Dawnelle Leslie Bertsche said “We have it on video of them both entering our garage but unfortunately our security system didn’t record them leaving the house with the bikes. We have filed a police report and they have reported the bikes as stolen.”

“We have gave the cops as much information as we can and they are doing as much as they can now we need help making it public.”

“The blue Yamaha 2017 230 has a fox sticker on the right back finder and a water bottle sticker that says “thirsty” on the right finder.”


Dawnell noted that the identifying stickers may have been removed by those that took the bikes.

Dawnelle and Dylan live in the Johnson Ranch Community Greens subdivision in San Tan Valley. For information leading to the recovery of the bikes, the couple is offering a cash reward.

Dawnelle went on to say “The first suspect that came at 3:38 P.M. is seen wearing a black hat backward looks like dreads under the hat, glasses, a black shirt, tan pants, and gloves.”

“The second suspect that came in at 3:48 P.M.  is seen wearing a gray and black hat, blue button up long sleeve shirt, and white pants.”

“We left town on March 6th and didn’t notice the bikes were gone until we got home from a business trip and that’s when we realized it and called the cops immediately.”

What can residents do? If any resident knows those in the photos, the police would like to speak with them. If anyone has seen either of the bikes they are urged to contact the police immediately.

As a precaution, residents should do what they can to keep their garage doors closed at all times as this case has shown that even if you are home, you may not know or hear someone removing items from your property. This case shows that even with video cameras, it may help, but it may not mean you will not still be a victim to theft.