Find Out What The County Supervisors Will Discuss 

This weeks Board of Supervisor’s meeting will cover a variety of topics. The agenda includes:

  • Tourism video presentation by Moses, Inc. (Tim Kanavel/Greg Stanley)

Moses, Inc is the advertising agency contracted by the county to provide consulting and direction to promote the county in a variety of ways, allowing the county to be more effective in bringing in economic development.

Tim Kanavel is the Economic Director for Pinal County and Greg Stanley is the county manager

  • End of year report for the Copper Corridor. (Tim Kanavel/Greg Stanley)

The Copper Corridor in central Arizona consists of 11 mining and former mining communities located primarily in the Oracle, Kearny and Superior areas

  • Work session to discuss Pavement Damage Restoration Fees and Penalties. (Celeste Garza/Louis Andersen)

Garza and Anderson are Public Works Area Managers.

  • Work session to provide an update to the Board on the Pinal Regional Transportation Authority. (Andy Smith/Louis Andersen)

Recently the RTA has had a victory in moving forward. One of the two lawsuits trying to stop the collection of a new tax to fund major transportation projects in Pinal County has been dismissed. 

  • Discussion of FY 18/19 budget development and department requests. (Leo Lew)

Leo Lew is the Assistant County Manager for the Pinal County Management & Budget department. The Office of Management & Budget is responsible for the review and preparation of the annual operating budget, expenditure and revenue forecasts, rate and fee analysis, overall financial analysis regarding budgetary matters, policy analysis, and budget development. The Budget Office supports all departments and divisions within the County as they prepare the next year’s budget based on: County priorities; department priorities; prior year’s expenditures; efficiencies and cost savings to be integrated from previous operating experience; changes in mission, scope or demands; anticipated changes in available funding levels.

  • Executive session pursuant to ARS 38-431.03(A)(3)(4) for legal advice and litigation related to ACC docket proceeding WS-02987A-18-0050. (Chris Keller/Kent Volkmer)

ACC docket WS-02987A-18-0050 is in regards to the Johnson Utilities case. The evidentiary hearings recently concluded. Additionally, and separately from those hearings, a federal judge has rejected a bid by a former utility regulator, his wife, a lobbyist and a utility executive to throw out criminal charges against them. That trial starts on May 30.