Back in March, when provided the opportunity to help San Tan Valley residents, Supervisor Todd House stood with the utility company. His statements during the Board of Supervisors meeting continue to show that Todd House is a problem for San Tan Valley residents. 

House was quoted during the meeting “Jim Taylor did a Johnson Utility check on how they are running their organization… but according to that statement they are running the organization just fine, everything is going well, As a matter of fact, they rate them fairly high.” 

Jim Taylor is part of GHD, who was contracted by Johnson Utilities. This review was not an independent review, and Todd House knew this. 

Supervisor House also made a statement about ADEQ, “ADEQ went out to the system 11 treatment plant and found some minor errors, minor issues, that’s fine and those can be corrected and should be. But, there’s actually no violations at the section 11 plant.” 

This is the same plant that is now providing 80 air quality violations per week. The same plant that is now attempting to be upgraded. The permit for this upgrade was submitted by Johnson Utilities in April, just a few days after Todd House claimed that there were only minor problems with the plant. 

Additionally, the recent inspections by EPCOR have shown that ADEQ is incapable of providing proper inspections and oversight as the article The Failure of ADEQ shows.  

During the ACC Hearings in April Supervisor House testified that an Interim Manager “does not make any sense.” He also stated the Hydrogen Sulfide problem has been addressed even as reports at the time illustrated that was not the case and that the problem was getting worse. 

During his testimony House commented that the public comment sessions were “quite a turnout for the area” but most of the issues were past issues, but he believes it is still confined to a “small group of people.” 

The question is, does Supervisor House consider EPCOR a “small group of people” or is he willing to change his tune?